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Nature's Sweet Energy Treat

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Hanna's Honey is available at many stores in Oregon. Click on this link for store locations in Oregon: Where to find Hanna's Honey in Oregon

The story of Hanna's Honey begins in places like this...

This is fireweed, seen growing in the Oregon Cascades. Note the burnt stump. Fireweed is a wildflower that is 

one of the first plants to grow after a wildfire. Bees that visit these blossoms produce a marvelous honey 
from the nectar of this flower. Fireweed honey has a subtle, mild taste, in contrast to the fire that raged 
here not so long before.

We began in 1986 when our passion for good honey blossomed into selling honey of a beekeeper friend. We wanted to make the wonderful Oregon varietal honeys available to customers.  
Hanna's Honey is loved by those who are looking for and appreciate honey in its pure and natural form. They love the fresh and alive taste. Oregon has a rich array of honeys and we carry honeys from the mildest flavors to some of the most pungent honey available. Click below to read about some of our varietal honeys.
 Within a year we added Oregon  Honey Sticks to our product line, We started with Honey Sticks filled with pure Oregon clover honey. Shortly thereafter we added, to the delight of our young-at-heart customers, a vibrant selection of flavored & colored Honey Sticks.